Maintaining Aquarium Water Quality

Biological Filtration This is the most important type of aquarium filtration system. It consists of good bacteria that deal with biological waste (in the form of ammonia) in the water. By metabolizing ammonia, biological filters help keep ecological balance in the water. Sponge filter is one of the most commonly used biological filtration tool. A sponge filter takes water from the take, pass it...


New Aquarium Setup

Tank Tank is the first major consideration when setting up an aquarium -- its size, shape, material, and location. The size of the tank will not only be based on the number of fish you want to keep or the amount of space you have for an aquarium, but also on amount of work you can put into maintenance. Contrary to common belief, a smaller tank does not necessarily mean lesser amount of maintenan...


Cleaning and Maintenance Tools and Supplies for Aquariums

Buckets Regular partial water changes are necessary to maintaining ecological balance of your aquarium. Changing water does not help remove waste products, it also infuses fresh water into the tank. You need a bucket for fresh water and another to hold the old aquarium water. Siphon Cleaners This tool is used to drain water out of the aquarium so you don't have to lift and tilt the aquarium...


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