How do I clean up or vacuum substrate in my aquarium?

To maintain healthy environment in the tank, substrate should be cleaned regularly, too. Many aquarists neglect to change the substrate, not knowing that bits of fish food and waste often collect in the substrate. The waste causes bacteria and algae to grow, causing the water to become cloudy. Aquariums with gravel bed should be cleaned at every water change to remove organic matter trapped in t...


What is Cycling an Aquarium?

The most common mistake of beginner hobbyist is tossing fish into the tank as soon as it reaches home. “New tank syndrome” - not allowing water to mature (cycle) before putting livestock in - is often the most common cause of sudden fish death. Before introducing fish stock in the aquarium, an aquarist must cycle water first. Aquarium cycling is the process of growing beneficial bact...


How often should I change water in the aquarium?

One of the most common mistakes of beginner aquarists is to change aquarium water only once it looks dirty. After all, they have installed a mechanical filter. Unfortunately, filters can only remove physical dirt. They cannot remove ammonia build-up that is toxic to fish. Consistent water quality is the key to a healthy aquarium, and this can only be achieved through regular water change. Regula...


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