Main Types of Aquarium Fish

Community Fish: For beginner aquarists, community fish are the best option out there. Community fish are hardy and peaceful. They do well with other fish, allowing you to combine different fish species and create a more colorful spectacle. Schooling fish also put a lot of activity in your aquarium. Some community fish like Zebra Danios and Rosy Barbs are mid-water dwellers. Some, like Swordtails and Platys, spend most of their time closer to the surface. If you want to add some activity to the bottom part of your aquarium, Bristlenose Catfish is one popular option. Since Bristlenose Fish feeds on algae, it helps keep your aquarium clean of algae growth as well.

Semi-aggressive Fish: Semi-aggressive types can do well with some fish, but tend to be bothersome to smaller fish. Most semi-aggressive fish are peaceful when they are young, but become nippers and chasers when they become adults. For beginner aquarists, fresh water sharks are an excellent choice. Fresh water sharks are peaceful, but you need to use a 20-gallon tank to keep them. Another type of semi-aggressive fish that can do well in a community fish are loaches. Goramis can also be added to a community tank, but they are not good beginner fish since they are not hardy.

Aggressive Fish: Aggressive fish are non-community fish. They are territorial and like live food. They will bully and even eat smaller fish. Aggressive fish should be kept with fish of their species or size. Asian Arowana, Red Belly Piranha, and Tiger Barbs are the best examples of aggressive fish.



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