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While it's true that fish requires less attention than most types of pets (e.g. dogs, cats), they still need to be fed on a daily basis. Tanks have to cycled and cleaned regularly, too. Keeping an aquarium is more than just filling a tank with water. A certain amount of maintenance is required for keeping a healthy aquarium. When starting an aquarium, certain decisions have to be made, taking into consideration one's personal preference, budget, and the amount of time you can commit to aquarium care and maintenance. The first decision to be made is the type of aquarium system one can manage. For aquarists who have little time to spare for fish keeping, freshwater aquarium is the better choice as it requires less maintenance and attention than freshwater aquarium. One needs to decide on the size, shape, and type of tank to purchase as well, and this will be determined by your budget, personal preference, household space, and the number and size of fish to keep. A number of tools have to be purchases, including heaters, substrate, filtration system, and decoration. An aquarium, however, is more than just an assemblage of materials and supplies. Learning about the characteristics and feeding habits of your chosen fish and proper aquarium care and maintenance is a crucial step towards ensuring that your fish live for a long time.

Main Types of Aquarium Fish

Community Fish: For beginner aquarists, community fish are the best option out there. Community fish are hardy and peaceful. They do well with other fish, allowing you to combine different fish species and create a more colorful spectacle. Schooling fish also put a lot of activity in your aquarium. Some community fish like Zebra Danios and Rosy Barbs are mid-water dwellers. Some, like Swordtails...


Starting an Aquarium

Choosing the right aquarium size is the first step in starting an aquarium. When it comes to choosing an aquarium, the rule of the thumb is: the bigger, the better. The larger the aquarium, the more volume of water it can keep, which in turn means more stable water chemistry. Choosing an aquarium should also be based on how much is comfortable spending and how much space you have for the aquariu...


Types of Aquarium Systems

Freshwater Aquarium: This is a great choice for beginner or busy hobbyists as they require minimal maintenance. With freshwater aquarium, anything goes -- it can be as simple as a fish bowl or as ornate as live planted tanks. Goldfish aquarium and cichlid aquarium are the two most popular types of freshwater aquarium. Saltwater Aquarium: Also known as reef marine aquarium, saltwater aquarium is...


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