Real Comments from Oscar Owners

Comments Oscar owners have made: Below I will post some comments I have received from pacu fans. I add new ones every couple of months. Some of them are full of facts and experiences; some are filled with fun stories. I have marked in bold the comments I find of interest or I find funny. I will be adding real forums soon. Enjoy: Most frequently asked Question: How often should I feed my Oscar li...


Suggestions for Keeping Oscars

Disclaimer: I have spent many hours observing my oscars and doing research on the Internet. By no means do I claim to be an expert of any sort. I built this site as a compilation of the experiences gained and information acquired over the past year or so. I will take no responsibility for harm done to any animal or person because of the realizing of these suggestions. I pose them merely as resou...


Oscar Fish Facts

Scientific and Tank Facts Scientific Name: Astronotus ocellatus Family: Cichlidae Origin: South America Adult Size: 12-18 inches Social: Semi-Aggresive Lifespan: 10+ years Tank Level: All levels Diet: Omnivore - Eats flake initially then moves to pellets Breeding: Egglayer - may breed in aquariums Care: Moderate pH: Neutral Hardness: 15 dGH Temperature: 74-80 F Facts, Observations, and Hearsay O...


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