Suggestions for Keeping Oscars


I have spent many hours observing my oscars and doing research on the Internet. By no means do I claim to be an expert of any sort. I built this site as a compilation of the experiences gained and information acquired over the past year or so. I will take no responsibility for harm done to any animal or person because of the realizing of these suggestions. I pose them merely as resources to be used at the reader's discretion. Again, I am not an expert or an authority. I am only posing these suggestions as ideas based on minimal experience and research.


  1. If you are going to buy oscars, make sure you are committed to providing ample room for growth. Two will need a 75 gallon tank at some point.
  2. Only buy one or buy as many as 6 or more. They will treat each other much better if there are more. Their pecking order is dispersed among multiple fish instead of just one or two and the health of the tank will be better.
  3. Make sure you understand what kind of tank mates they may have. They will either out grow your other fish and eat them or they will fight for territory.
  4. Add some salt. To make sure it is the right amount contact your pet store. I use 1 Tablespoon per 5 gallons. I also make sure to account for evaporation.
  5. Clean the tank often. Again contact your pet store to know how often to clean the tank.
  6. They will eat at any time. They eat better when the dominant oscar has eaten and the others are fed later because they all have opportunity to eat.
  7. Document their growth in writing and with photos. They grow so fast they are fun to watch and monitor. Sometimes they grow so fast that I think that I can note differences in size from day to day.
  8. Feed them the correct diet. Many believe they eat only a certain thing. I believe that they will eat pretty much anything they can consume if they are trained to eat it. They do require a specific diet for their best health. Talk to your pet store for their diet. I feed mine a combo of siclid sticks, flakes, and feeder gold fish. Feed them few or no feeder fish because they do not get nourished well and may catch disease. They can eat beef heart, worms, etc.
  9. Don't put metals, soaps (careful how you wash your hands before you put them in the tank), or any other chemicals in the tank unless they belong there.
  10. You may need to keep a separate tank for the few feeders you give them. Make sure to feed the feeders well and treat them well too. I kept other fish in there too just for asthetics.
  11. Place a rock or something in the tank so a weaker oscar can duck away if the dominant one starts their rampage. 
  12. As the fish get bigger it is very important to change the filters frequently.
  13. Be very careful of the type of water heater you have. Either try to protect it with a rock or branch or some other type of shield because the fish can break them. 
  14. Have fun with em. They are beautiful and set a scene of liveliness in the home. Enjoy em. 



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