Cleaning and Maintenance Tools and Supplies for Aquariums


Regular partial water changes are necessary to maintaining ecological balance of your aquarium. Changing water does not help remove waste products, it also infuses fresh water into the tank. You need a bucket for fresh water and another to hold the old aquarium water.

Siphon Cleaners

This tool is used to drain water out of the aquarium so you don't have to lift and tilt the aquarium when changing water. The siphon doubles as cleaner, vacuuming fish waste, food, and other solid particles that have settled at the bottom of the aquarium without disturbing the gravel and aquarium decorations.

Water Conditioners

Add water conditioners to the new water to neutralize harmful chemical (e.g. chemical) before pouring it into the tank.


These are useful in picking dead fish or obstructions in the aquarium. They can also be used for planting and moving/arranging decorations without getting your hands wet.

Algae Removers

For algae that have attached to the inside of glass, algae scrapper and pads are the best tools for the job. Make sure to use soft pads if your tank is made of acrylic; acrylic tanks scratch easily. To remove algae at the bottom of the aquarium, use an algae scraper with a long handle.

Lime Remover

Use non-toxic lime remover only to remove lime deposits to avoid harming your fish.

Equipment Cleaners

These are non-toxic cleaning compounds specially formulated to remove calcareous deposits in your cleaning equipments and other aquarium tools, including filters, pumps, and skimmers.



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