Pacu Fish

Red Bellied Pacu (also known as colossoma macropomum) are a fascinating tropical fish species. They grow quickly and they have great personalities.

We have learned that keeping Pacu as pets is a great experience. We found that Pacu add a lot of excitement to the home and caring for Pacu can be a challenge unless their owners are prepared with the right aquarium, food, filters, tank mates, etc. From instant household conversation topics to relaxing forms of motion-filled art Tropical Red Bellied Pacu grasp the attention and spawn the atmosphere of tranquility.

We found that after we purchased our Pacu that we were complete beginners about how to care for them. We started with quarter-sized Piranha-looking tropical fish at the pet store and decided to become informed on how to keep them.

Surprisingly there was very little information, details or facts on the net or anywhere else with ample information. So, we compiled what we could and spent time observing these large fish. Soon we found that there were others out there with many questions so we added our articles to Avid Hobby



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